On-line catalogue and your rankings

After registering the number of your entrance ticket and its check code you may display all the information regarding any particular wine on your smart-phone or tablet, make your own observations and tasting notes. You may also vote for the best wines and winery in the visitors‘ ballot.

Thanks to the WiFi coverage in the cellar you can use these on-line facilities directly inside the Wine Salon exhibition. This on-line catalogue has the following basic features:

  • Display of the list of the wines on show – list of all 100 wine in the current Wine Salon collection. Upon clicking, the details of each wine will be displayed.
  • Detailed display of the individual wines. For every wine you may use the functions:
    • o Star rating of the wine – you can evaluate each wine with “stars“ from 0 to 10.
    • o Add a comment – You can add your observations and tasting notes.
    • o Add to the basket – you can add the required number of bottles for each wine to put it “in the basket“ for your purchases which can then be displayed on your screen.
  • My stars and comments – in this section you can display the details of each wine showing your own star rating and notes.
  • My basket – in this section you can bring up the contents of your basket, which will serve as your shopping list of wines from the Wine Salon tasting exhibition. Caution – this function does not substitute, nor does allow for the possibility of purchasing wines through the e-shop on our website.
  • Visitors ballot – in this section you can participate in the collective visitors‘ ballot for the most popular wine and winery. Select your 3 best wines and 3 best wineries. Finally enter your e-mail address, along with your comments and evaluations and send. At the end of the current season we will draw 10 winners who will all receive attractive prizes.

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On-line catalogue is in testing mode. We invite your comments at our e-mail: salonvin@vinarskecentrum.cz