Opening hours of the wine-tasting exposition

Tuesday – Thursday 9:30 – 17:00
Friday – Saturday 10:30 – 18:00
Sunday (June - September) 10:30 – 17:00
(February – closed – preparation of a new exposition)

The Wine Salon of the CR includes the exposition about the history of viticulture in the Czech Republic, varieties and wine-growing regions. At the reception desk you can also buy books about wine, sommelier accessories and other goods.

Wine Salon of the Czech Republic – Visitors’ programmes

A - Open wine-tastings

You can individually taste any from the wines stored (excluding sparkling wines and special predicate selections).

> Program A1 - Open wine - tasting (standard time) - price 355 CZK

There is always one bottle opened from each kind of wine. Detailed information regarding each wine is available on the presentation box of each wine, as well as in the catalogue. During wine-tasting a sommelier is present to advise the visitors and provide them with information about wine and individual wineries. The programme takes 90 minutes.

> Program A2 - Joint ticket - Open wine - tasting plus two visitors circuits of the Chateau of Valtice - price 419 CZK

Joint ticket for open tasting (90 min.) and Imperial Tour of the Chateau Valtice (you save 86 CZK comparing to normal prices). Use of this program depends to opening hours of Chateau.

> Program A3 – Extended open wine-tasting – price 499 CZK

Detailed information regarding each wine is available on each wine box, as well as in the catalogue. A sommelier is available during the wine
tasting. The programme takes 150 minutes.


 B - Tasting with "By the Glass" wine dispensor

 Individual tasting of wines from modern wine dispensor  "By The Glass"

> Program B1 - price 100 CZK

Selected collection of four wines (white dry and semi-dry, rosé and red) with wine-dispensor. Duration of program: 15 - 20 min.

> Program B2 - cena 250 CZK

Selected collection special selections (ice wines, botritic wines, straw wines, grape selections) with wine-dispensor. Duration of program: 20 - 25 min.

> Program B3 - joint ticket – price 200 CZK

Programme B1 + tour of Valtice castle. The use of the ticket is limited by the openings hours of the castle.


C - Supervised wine-tastings

Wine-tasting programmes supervised by a sommelier. The client chooses the collection of wines, which is then being tasted. A number of participants in this programme is min. 8, max. circa 45 persons. It is essential to book the date of the supervised wine-tasting in advance – without confirmation of the booked date it is not possible to guarantee the supervised wine-tasting.

> Program C1 - price 150 CZK
Selected collection of four white and two red varieties according to the choice of sommelier (excluding sparkling and naturally sweet wines). The programme takes 20 - 30 minutes.

> Program C2 - price 260 CZK
Selected collection of five white wines, four red wines and one naturally sweet wine according to the choice of sommelier. The programme takes 40 - 50 minutes.


During the wine-tasting you will be lent a wine-tasting glass and bread for neutralisation is offered. Tickets for wine-tasting programmes are available at the reception desk of the wine-tasting exhibition of the Wine Salon of CR. Payment method: Cash in CZK and EUR, Credit Cards: VISA, EC/MC and American Express cards.


> Visitor’s Guide (pdf)